Capa and tires with gel: how to speedily whiten the teeth at home

CoverToday, the pharmacies may purchase a special kit with Burr, who filled with whitening gel. These caps are made of elastic material. Under the influence of hot h2o, you become very plastic, which greatly facilitates donning.Capa gel for 30 minutes to put on a upper and lower teeth. A bleaching gel which acts between the teeth, which provides a uniform color of a teeth. Mouth guards need be worn each day for one week.Tires with gel are often used in dental offices. You are a more active bleaching agent and able to handle even the most severe pollution, which are not easy to remove at home. 1-st, the physician should remove a impression from the teeth. On a basis of a prosthetist will produce special mild tires on the upper and lower jaw, and the doctor will select up the gel with a certain concentration of effective whitening agents. Term effects of the gel is at least 6 hours, as wear comfortable bus for the night. Use them to 1 - 2 week. The cost of the procedure depends on a drug used and is about 4, 000 rubles.Alike posts:Mask Masks and face care winterCover Facial and bodyMask Skin care winter.

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