Folk remedies to strengthen teeth and gums

CoverFolk remedies to strengthen teeth and gums a lot, how It is possible to ever take the rightly and apply them at home.Systemic saline is able to eliminate a unpleasant taste, odor - even in smokers, and to strengthen the gums and teeth. It is required to prepare a solution - 1 des.l. Sol in a glass of water and rinse your mouths at night.Strengthens the gums and teeth powderise peel eggplant. Peel should be desiccated in a oven, mash with a fork in a coffee grinder, add 1 tbsp the resulting powderise glass of stewing water for a while, drain and add to salt - 1 teaspoonful This line-up several times every day, rinse a mouth.Oak bark has long been known among the people so a means of terminating a bleeding of the gums. Bark (2 parts) and lime color (1 part) is assorted, pour 1 teaspoonful mix of a glass of boiled water, cooled and filtered. Rinse a mouth TWO-3 minutes daily.In gingivitis and bad breath alcohol tincture of St. John's wort helps. Chopped herbs (1 tbsp) pour? liters of alcohol or vodka, sealed and insist week. A compote of taking 40 drops on? cups water, TWO minutes per day, for a 7 days.Later the meal, you can rinse a mouth with a mixture of white wine (1 cup) of breeding juice and horseradish (1-TWO tsp.) Grate horseradish and juice juice from it.A decoction of burdock strengthens the gums and freshens breath grass (1 teaspoonful) pour boiling aqua (200 ml), boiled for TWO-3 min complete lower warmth, pushing for an hour, strain and rinse your mouth 2-3 times per day.A goodness therapeutic capacity has a following extract: rose petals (rose hips), mint leaves, flowers, willow-herb mix in equal parts, pour 1 tbsp collection of cold h2o (200 ml), bring to a seethe, pushing some TWO hours, strain, add to a some mummy (4-5 grams) and a resulting compositions, rinse mouth some minutes per day.Extremely helf for a gums lemon breeding juice - it strengthens them and even heals ulcers. For enamel lemon fresh juice is harmful, however that it does not hit the teeth, gums used for lubrication with a soft brushing.Plantain extract safer: you may be periodically rub a gums, or cook with this herb infusion and rinsing the mouths.Weak gums will get stronger, and a teeth will cease to wander, if any day there is sweet garlic, properly chewing it - at least in one little clove.One of best folk remedies to eliminate bad breath is a infusion of wormwood. Dry grass (1 tsp) brewed with boiling water (2 cups), insist 20 minutes and filtered. Rinse the mouth 3-4 minutes a day.Compote of leaves is used however a turnip with periodontitis, and when starting bleeding from a gums, however correctly how for the prevention of dental caries. Turnip greens crushed, pour 20 g glass of boiled aqua, 0.5 an hour and used for rinsing.Strengthen a gums, have rid of a inflammation of a mouth and bad odor is possible, if ofttimes chew calamus root or good leaves primrose - a simple tool, but gives excellent results.Like articles:Mask Facials and masks first in a eveningMask Masks for skin at homeMask Masks for skin in 40 years.

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