The people's ways of getting rid of toothache

MaskMen's ways of getting rid of toothache much much, and you are all valuable and efficacious are each in their own method, but there are quite unusual for a modern person. One of the items used in flux, abscesses and tumors of the gums may seem exotic, but Russian folk medicine speaks of him however a more efficient.Want to find a home in an unusual thing in our time - a rusty nail. Do not worry, it does not should to use however a dental tool - not that exotic. Put a little cup or enameled saucepan, pour in the bottom of a white honey, fluent, a layer of some 0.5 cmA nail should be much old and rusty (maybe a neighbors there?), And it need be red-hot, and then put into the honey.Later any time in a saucepan appears a substance similar to tar, black and thick. This substance should be allocated, and used as a lubricant around the aching tooth: if there is an abscess, a any times later he necessarily break out, the swelling goes down, and anything will beginning to heal. A most serious item - it is rust, as you must create sure that it does not crumble upon a heating of a nail.Apply this item or not - decide for yourself, it is clear that all of this seems unusual, but it can be with friends and dentists ask, though, however a rule, doctors may seldom explain a principle of a men's money...Some men as well share the experience of how to have rid of a dental pain, "deceiving" a nerve endings. This is achieved by switching the zones located in the brain and containing a signaling through which we feel pain. Simply put, we want drastically change hand: rightly-handed to get left-handed, and vice versa. If you start to perform routine actions "reverse", signaling confused, and the pain can stop.You say if you remove the watch with his left hand and put on the right, so this will get a capacity, or wear a ring on his left mitt, which is wearing on a right. And if you write something with the hand that you do not know however to write, a result can be amazing. True, how It is possible to ease a pain for a short time, just in time to find the right pill or prepare a folk remedy.In chief, all the facilities described above will alone temporarily, and do not mean that a decrease or disappearance of pain does not possess to go to the doctor. If you play for time, It is possible to wait until a tooth decay, infection and other serious problems.In addition, we all know that there is nothing to fear: contemporary dentistry provides patients with a very comfortable and safe therapy.Resembling posts:Cover Facial after 45 yearsCover Masks and skin care '21Cover Face care after 25 years.

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