Fine teeth - healthy teeth

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MaskBeautiful teeth - is today a necessary attribute for a successful current man. To keep the teeth longer remain nice and healthy learn How do I care for them. Dental service is composed of 2 components: the daily home care and regular visits to a dental office.Daily home careThe main thing regularity. Brushing the teeth want be any time twice every day at least, and preferably of the each meal prima. A procedure for cleaning a teeth should last no less than 3 minutes. Do not forget to go through all a available surfaces of the teeth. Read more -->

Teeth whitening in the dental

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CoverPre physician cleans a teeth of stone. So directly used to teeth whitening specially selected drug. It has a much stronger concentration than a means used in the home. To a gums possess arisen irritation, they are protected by a particular agent.This process may put from 15 minutes to 1 hour, duration depending on a stained teeth. A effect is noticeable immediately after removal of the drug. However, the overall result will be visible only of the TWO-3 days. Read more -->

Soundness teeth. However to return and maintain the heartiness of teeth

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CoverA fine smile that done today call Hollywood, is highly pop with many of us, but however it goes, we do not need to Think about for approximately reason. It's not even that we do not same to go to a dentist - a "star" whose white teeth we like however much, just ofttimes use their services - and that and put service of the teeth at home we do not must a excuse that we have not the time. And indeed, the working woman spends much more time to make up, manicure and haircut than dental upkeep, that's great, is not it a teeth and do not demand so much - you should at least learn so to clean out them properly and the question immediately becomes littler.Similar posts:Mask Facials and masks fluidMask Facials fallMask Face summer. . . . Read more -->

As to brushing his teeth, toothbrush

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CoverDoes a toothbrush? Or It is possible to buy a, just to enjoy anything to brush your teeth? Even best toothpaste is unlikely to help the teeth, brush if chosen right - and in fact, a lot of people buy a brush, guided by its price and even color - green, with reds - and not its dental characteristics. The brushing want be tough enough - so it will come off better plaque, gentle brushing is required when the gums are too sensitive and frequently bleed, but in this case, the issue must be solved - bleeding gums certainly suggests approximately disease. No need to buy a brushing with a big cleaning head - it is not much efficient, the electric toothbrush does not always keep to prefer the usual - it is good for kids and the elderly, as when brushing the teeth can put less effort. Ultrasonic brushes are a most effective for today - they kill bacteria, not alone on a teeth, but also under a gums. How, no question as good a toothbrush, it is indispensable to replace it at least once in 3-4 weeks.Same articles:Mask Face care acneMask Skin upkeep to avoid acneMask Face care winter. . Read more -->

Deksalgin - pills for toothache

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MaskDeksalgin toothache may stay within Thirty minutes following administration, and is efficacious size 5 hours. For extremely severe pain it does not apply, and is contraindicated in a elderly, infants, pregnant women, people with diseases of a stomach and asthma sufferers. This medicine can cause allergies.Similar posts:Cover Face care and aging body after 30Mask Face care folk remediesCover Masks for fase winter. . . . Read more -->

Nutrition for healthy teeth

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MaskEating fruits and vegetables, although not how valuable how earlier, we are currently as well able to - It is possible to grow them at a cottage, in the village to buy, find goodness sellers in a market who know however to grow these fresh fruits - then you may be eaten raw without fear.Fresh fruits and vegetables from a supermarket - it's variant, but even there It is possible to find a lot of suitable items, if you strive: Dentists are advised to pay note to a carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, parsley, horseradish, onions, medium apples, kiwi, pears, kiwi - Cumulative nature in many fruits, and take a teeth may be a most delicious ever. All these gifts of nature, raw and sweet, perfectly trained teeth, polish the spaces 'tween them, massaging the gums, and as well fill our bodies with nutrients, vitamin and minerals, then it is much faster to cope with a infections.Eat a confection pastries, however we love to do at lunchtime, do not, we do not alone spoil the great figure, but as well take away with the well-being of a teeth, and as well we used to drink a pastry sugary drinks - tea, coffee, juice of tetrapaketa, or even kefir.By the method, chew gum of the meals may be alone 3-5 minutes - that dentists say as, and we chew it for hours, and not just after a meal, but just similar that, nothing else to do. Jaw joints to give extra load and are constantly on their toes and teeth soundness is as well not throw in.Same articles:Mask Face care black spotsCover Masks for skin after 35Cover Facial and neck skin. . . . Read more -->

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