Brushing a teeth to the health

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CoverHow how do you brush a teeth? If no problems, then just clean them well so it want be - in the satisfying and evening, and at night it is indispensable to do your best. We, on a contrary, polish a teeth in the satisfying when you possess to go to work and be lovely, and in the evening we polish hit or miss (and often forget), and Buchan's sleep, however a force is only enough to get to bed. Bacteria as well get accumulated for the day, do not go to sleep - they are all night feasting and multiply actively, managing to bring the teeth in the early much of damage - and this has happened repeatedly.Correctly chosen toothbrush need be slightly convex, with a prominent relief bristles and must not be too gentle, but tough, too: it should be tough enough to prevent a formation of plaque and tartar. If your gums are sensitive, and the enamel of the teeth is damaged, It is possible to buy a baby brush and seriously address the dental treatment, contact the person: enamel should be in ordering.Replace a brushing should be no less than once any 3 weeks - if you brush a teeth three minutes daily, but if you limit brushing teeth in a satisfying and evening, it is potential and any 5 weeks, although it is better to often. Sanitize a toothbrush does not hurt: it may be washed in a decision of sol or hydrogen peroxide, however correctly how to keep out of direct sunlight - a bacteria do not survive.Resembling posts:Mask Masks for skin after 30 yearsCover Masks and face care those over 50Mask Skin care of the 40 years. . Read more -->

Lovely teeth - healthy teeth

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CoverFine teeth - is currently a indispensable attribute for a successful modern man. To keep a teeth longer remain nice and healthy learn How do I care for them. Dental leaving is composed of two components: the special home maintenance and systemic visits to the dental office.Weekly home serviceThe general item regularity. Brushing a teeth should be every day twice a day at least, and preferably after every meal prima. A process for cleaning a teeth need finish no less than 3 minutes. Do not forget to go through all a accessible surfaces of the teeth. Read more -->

Whitening using a diode lamps

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CoverBefore starting this process, a dentist puts on your lips and gums exceptional bleaching preparation. This drug is to defend a soft tissue with aggressive substances used to bleach. Next, the teeth are heated especial lamp or laser diode. Under a influence of lightness, a bleaching agent in a applied part is activated. This occurs under the capacity of coldness lightness.Do not forget that a whitening process is not shown for certain categories of citizens. Teeth whitening, even much gentle, it is forbidden for pregnant women and nice babies, whose teeth are in the process of formation. Read more -->

Helium tires

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CoverBased on a impression of your teeth occupational therapist do mild baits. There is also a universal nozzle, but a individual approach provides best effect. These nozzles are filled with a careful bleaching preparation and dress up for a night. This course of bleaching may last for several weeks.Similar posts:Mask Facials and masks later 25Cover Helf masks and skin careCover Masks for fase summer. . . Read more -->

Health teeth. So to return and maintain the health of teeth

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MaskA fine smile that made presently call Hollywood, is very well-known with many of us, but so it goes, we do not want to Think about for any reason. It's not even that we do not similar to go to the dentist - a "star" whose white teeth we similar as much, just ofttimes apply a services - and that and take maintenance of a teeth at home we do not must a excuse that we do not have the time. And indeed, the working woman spends much more time to do up, manicure and cutting than dental care, that's fine, is not it your teeth and do not demand as much - you want at least learn so to clean out them thoroughly and the problem immediately becomes smaller.Similar articles:Cover Face care winterCover Facials and masks and eyeCover Facials fall. . . . Read more -->

The people's ways of getting rid of toothache

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MaskMen's ways of getting rid of toothache much much, and you are all valuable and efficacious are each in their own method, but there are quite unusual for a modern person. One of the items used in flux, abscesses and tumors of the gums may seem exotic, but Russian folk medicine speaks of him however a more efficient.Want to find a home in an unusual thing in our time - a rusty nail. Do not worry, it does not should to use however a dental tool - not that exotic. Put a little cup or enameled saucepan, pour in the bottom of a white honey, fluent, a layer of some 0.5 cmA nail should be much old and rusty (maybe a neighbors there?), And it need be red-hot, and then put into the honey.Later any time in a saucepan appears a substance similar to tar, black and thick. This substance should be allocated, and used as a lubricant around the aching tooth: if there is an abscess, a any times later he necessarily break out, the swelling goes down, and anything will beginning to heal. A most serious item - it is rust, as you must create sure that it does not crumble upon a heating of a nail.Apply this item or not - decide for yourself, it is clear that all of this seems unusual, but it can be with friends and dentists ask, though, however a rule, doctors may seldom explain a principle of a men's money...Some men as well share the experience of how to have rid of a dental pain, "deceiving" a nerve endings. Read more -->

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